I have staid away from this blog and from the internet as much as possible because it has been depresing me too much. I am also very busy editing Basil’s diary for publication, which will be happening next month. I can’t say more about it at the moment, but I am working very hard with the publisher to make everything ready. I am selling it through Amazon so anyone who cares about the REAL Basil can buy ti there I will have links on this blog eventually. I have already desined the cover.


I can’t visit The Baz much any more. People there are rude and refuse to discuss things rationally. But I have had private emails that encourage me I am doing the right thing by stranding up for the truth. What The Baz is ding is similar to what Christine Crawford did about poor Joan Crawford and what people have done to Danny Kaye and Laurence Olivier. They get their claws into someone who is dead and decide to rebuild them into something “moderN’ and “cool” like being bisexual or into drugs or something. Laurence Olivier wa not bisexual and neither was Basil Rathbone nor Danny Kaye. Ask their family and their real fans and people who knew them.  Danny Kaye was hapily married until his death just like Basil was. He and Sylvia had a daughter together and shared everything.  They were soulmates. It’s just lesser people with no conscience who chase after these people and try to exploit them with lies. I wish I could take down all the websites like this. I would use the law if there was one. There should be.

Cropped screenshot of Laurence Olivier from th...

Cropped screenshot of Laurence Olivier from the trailer for the film Pride and Prejudice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Portrait of Danny Kaye

English: Portrait of Danny Kaye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am publishing all the nasty comments I receive just to show the kind of people who are against me. Only one person has posted anything on my side. But I’M NOT AFRAID TO BE A MINORITY. I am defending a man who can’t defend himself and also defending the woman he love all his life and still loves now though they are forced to be apart for a while. It is a good cause.
Please come back to check for updates n Basil Rathbone’s Diary!



English: Ouida Bergère (1886-1974) circa 1920

English: Ouida Bergère (1886-1974) circa 1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basil Rathbone Master of Stage And Screen has published two letters allegedly from Basil that are NOTt by him. The handwriting is not his handwriting and the feelings expressed are so mean spirited and cheap they could not come from this wonderful man. It also alleges Ouida Rathbone tried to taker her own life! This is unthinkable for a person of her refinement and religous outlook and also absurd. What reason did this woman who was so loved and so blessed have to try an end her life? Any one who knew her and saw the love that bound her to her husband who adored her before anyone else in the world could possibly believe such rubbish. I have a lot of respect for Basil Rathbone Master Of Stage ANd Screen which is a great site and much better than  most of the silly teenager sites run by fan girls who should stick to Tumbler, but I’m afraid the site is wrong about this a I have Basil’s diaries and have compared the handwriting and it is not his.  This is mistaken identity and the letter was written by another or forged.