The truth about Madame X

Madame X was a famous Hollywood actress who wrecked a great career with drink and drugs and who chased men non stop.  She was promuscuous and immoral to the point of insanity.

In the Holiday season of 1940 she became obsessed with Basil Rathbone and even tried to seduce him at his own home during a party.  He politely explained to her that he loved only Ouida and she became hysterical. She attacked him and had to be restrained. She also attempted suicide. All this is in his own diary. I know her identity and would reveal it now only Basil asked it should not be revealed to protect her family.



I have hard copies of his diaires and other papers left to me by a close friend of his and his writing is nothing like this. I intend to post samples here very soon which will prove it once and four all. The Baz has been listening to people who have told her lies and she will not see sense.